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Oct 3, 2012 11:30pm EDT
number inform alternative energy and a number of things that we need for a economy. and romney's plan doesn't add up. and romney also confirmed once the debate with the republican challengers, even predent dollars an spenting cuts, he won't raise taxes. >> do you think the president needs to be more aggressive? >> i think jack has a point there, he was playing noble say, he h's to be -- i think you'll see him more aggressive the couple of debates. >> the democrats spin where they say romney criticize him on the numbers and say his tax plan don't add up. oh bloom doubled the deficit. he incrowsed the inthe debate. obama -- >> go up under bush. >> by a fraction. >> it went went up over obama a lot. >> the producer says we have to wrap this up. republican strategist, democrat strategist, brendan daly, thank you so much for coming in tonight. we appreciate it. and don't be surprised if you hear people talking about big bird tomorrow as well. the sesame staple was trending on twitter tonight along with the word zingers and cheesecake. people are talking about the cheesecake factory. they a
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
declaring he would work to solve the energy crisis once and for all. the high prices in california are expected to remain another week to 10 days. when they do come down, they'll be significantly higher than this point last year. across the state there have been a number of reports of thefts with gas pumps being disabled after hours and thieves siphoning gas from unlocked cars. adam housely, fox news. >>> this is our first real cold snap, feeling it. >> most definitely, coldest air since last april 28th, the temperature today in the mid- 50s. we'll be a little warmer than that tomorrow, still below average. tonight is chilly and we still have showers floating around the region, not as much as last night, but enough to be annoying when it's this cold and there's certainly not that much benefit. we'll start out with radar so you can see where they are. in general these have been diminishing, but the showers we showed you earlier in fairfax are moving into montgomery county. we have others moving up from the southwest to the northeast. so we'll keep a light shower possible in the forecast
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2